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At Sage Senior Support, we are driven by a mission to become the most trusted senior transition advocate in every community we serve. Our goal is to alleviate the stress of trying to figure out what's next for a senior as they age.

The inspiration behind Sage Senior Support comes from a deeply personal experience. It all began when my wife's parents faced the difficult task of finding the right care for her beloved grandmother, affectionately known as "Mema." Witnessing their struggle and feeling the helplessness that accompanies such situations, I knew I had to make a difference. Drawing upon my expertise in networking and real estate, I founded Sage Senior Support to extend a helping hand to other families navigating similar circumstances.

Our Owner Logan Hassinger


Why Choose Sage Senior Support?

Understanding & Empathy

Our expert team provides a compassionate, understanding approach to help you and your loved ones transition

Trusted Network of Senior Living Resources

Access our curated list of dedicated professionals serving seniors and their families that match your needs and preferences.

Simplify the Moving Process

We offer resources and support to declutter, downsize and move without all of the normal stresses.

Maximize the Value of Your Home

Benefit from our expertise to prepare and sell your home, ensuring you get the best possible outcome.


We're honored to walk this path with you, offering our support, guidance, and expertise every step of the way. Welcome to our family

We have been in your shoes and understand the toll, both emotionally and physically, it takes on the family and the senior themselves.

Our mission is to empower families with the best information and tools to make the right decisions for your loved one. Our services are offered at NO CHARGE to families and simply want to help guide you through this journey.

We're honored to walk this path with you

Where will Mom or Dad go?

We help identify the best living options tailored to meet your parent's needs and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and supportive environment for their next chapter.

How will we pay for this?

We explore various financial strategies, including leveraging real estate assets and navigating benefits like Medicaid and Veterans Benefits, to secure funding for your loved one’s care and housing.

What about "all the stuff" and the home?

Our team assists with the decluttering, downsizing, and sale of the family home, managing every detail to ease the transition without stress.

Emotional well being after the transition?

We prioritize the emotional health of all family members by providing resources and support to adapt to the new living arrangements and maintain a sense of continuity and comfort.


Expert Unbiased Advice

At No Cost To You

Check out this "Ask The Expert" Session with Logan Hassinger of Sage Senior Support


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